teaching philosophy

As an interdisciplinary scholar and educator, I work with and learn from my students in a collaborative effort to develop new conceptual tools, frameworks, and ways of knowing that may lead us all to “imagine otherwise.”

Queering popular culture, bryn mawr college (Spring 2017)

Queering popular culture, bryn mawr college (Spring 2017)

critical analytical tools

Staging creative encounters among theoretical, historical, and popular sources, from Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality to MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, my classes treat texts not simply as objects for academic analysis but as lively actors in a larger social conversation. My courses aim to help students develop critical tools for engaging with the world around them and to take seriously their power as media consumers – and producers.

community and civic engagement

As a teacher, I seek to foster civic engagement and political awareness by connecting students to local events and community organizations, for instance through community engagement assignments in which students attend a local event of their choice, such as a meeting, lecture, or workshop, and write a reflection about the experience. My classes also give students the opportunity to develop collaborative public education projects on topics such as gender and incarceration, immigration rights, LGBT issues in sports, and disability accommodations on campus.

diversity and accessibility

Nurturing a supportive intellectual community among a diverse student body is one of the most challenging yet crucial aspects of an effective student-centered pedagogy. As a teacher, I validate students’ cultural backgrounds, experiences, and values by encouraging them to examine their own life experiences as a source of knowledge production. As a feminist disability scholar, I provide support to students with a range of abilities and backgrounds by having flexible assignment deadlines, providing content warnings, and giving students multiple ways to earn credit.