student feedback

Teaching and mentoring students is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. My course evaluations testify to my ability to create a supportive learning environment for students from a range of backgrounds and abilities, with 99% of students responding that they would recommend me as an instructor.


“wonderful teaching style”

She had a wonderful teaching style that was engaging and helpful. I was always eager to attend class every day... the readings kept me engaged and the class lectures were very useful.

— University of Minnesota student

“meaningful and fulfilling”

Amazing professor. One of my favorite classes that I have taken at Bryn Mawr. Truly cares about students and how each of us learn and participate best. One of the only classes that I have taken that I can say that I’ve done very meaningful and fulfilling work [in], which is very important to me.”

— Bryn Mawr College student

“This class often completely blew my mind. I learned so much that I had no idea about before… I also appreciated how much the professor made sure these sensitive issues were approached with dignity but at the same time not censoring anyone’s questions or opinions.”

University of Washington Bothell student

“very enthusiastic”

Karisa was a great instructor and very enthusiastic about the class concepts which in turn made me more eager to learn about them.

— Macalester College student

“intellectually stimulating”

One of the most intellectually stimulating of all classes I’ve taken at UWB. I’ve never been challenged to think about disability in this way.

— University of Washington Bothell student